Adelaide X


Adelaide X features five collaborative duos based in Greater Adelaide, on Kaurna Country. There is currently a global shift towards collaborative practices in contemporary art, and this is reflected in the number of recent collaborations between South Australian artists. These alliances not only show courageous experimentation but enhance networks and create dynamic exchanges between artists. Adelaide X examines the nature of collaboration in the local context and investigates the distinct attributes within the South Australian arts ecology that foster such unions.

All the participating artists have received recognition for their practice as solo artists. In collaborating, their powers combine and their voices are amplified. These partnerships have been instigated by the artists out of mutual respect and shared artistic interests. These alliances invite exploration and play as the artists push each other into new realms, resulting in ground breaking artistic projects that reflect on the collective concerns of our region and what it means to work together.

Every Idea We're Going to Have, 2021, Nicholas Hansich & Cassie Thring. Photography by Rosina Possingham.

Cassie Thring x Nicholas Hanisch

Nicholas Hanisch and Cassie Thring are self-described optimists. For Adelaide X they have given physical form to their collaborative process. In doing so they have made the intangible flow of ideas between them, tangible. The installation functions as a giant synapse firing directly between them. We are offered the opportunity to see inside this duos collective mind, but only to discover the object stares back. We are as much the observed and the voyeur. The two share a studio space and are in constant dialogue, to the point where it is now speculated that they communicate with each other telepathically.

Adelaide X curated by
Suzanne Close

Exhibited at Post Office Projects >


Sasha Grbich x Kelly Reynolds
Thomas Readett x Elizabeth Yanyi Close
Cassie Thring x Nicholas Hanisch
Rosina Possingham x Brianna Speight
Inneke Taal x Nicole Clift as tandem projects

"Taking some risks with Adelaide X"

"Collaboration and experimentation are at the centre of a new group exhibition infused with humour and playfulness at Port Adelaide’s Post Office Projects Gallery."