With A Spring In My Step

exhibited at Central School of Art 2015.

After experiencing the chaos of Indian cities, I became fascinated by the band-aided architecture and the jumble of old and new imagery. The way ancient buildings are sprouting hi-tech gizmos, and holy symbols are painted next to mobile phone advertising. Cows graze in front of Lamborghini shops. This constant clashing of progression inspires almost dystopian fantasies, where fresh societies are rebuilding into the shells of their predecessors. Their new habitations are fusing with the former landscape.

With a spring in my step is an exhibition of new work by 6 recent graduates from the Adelaide Central School of Art, timed to coincide with the Adelaide Fringe Festival; an exciting and enjoyably frantic time in the South Australian calendar as thousands of people crowd into or around numerous shows, events, exhibitions and pop-up performances.

With a Spring in My Step

Exhibited at Adelaide Central School of Art


Exhibited at Peter Walker Fine Art